of the International festival-contest of children’s and youth vocal art
«Crystal lark»

Founders of the festival-contest: Ternopil State Administration

Organizers of festival-contest: Department of Culture and Tourism of Ternopil Regional State Administration, Ternopil Regional Public Organization «Crystal Lark».

Co-Organizers of festival-contest: Department of Family, Youth and Sport of Ternopil Regional State Administration, Department of Culture of Ternopil State Administration, Department of Family, Youth and Sport of Ternopil State Administration, regional leisure center «Ternotsvit».

Purpose of festival-contest:

children’s, boy’s and girl’s acquirement of artistic experience by drawing them into song creation, direction of knowledges, abilities and skills to the active aesthetical understanding of maintenance of musical works, use of the spiritual potential of personality in the creative process, acquaintance with world art of singing, assistance of understanding and enrichment in this cultural sphere, development of friendship among the countries, widening of relations among cities, improvement of tourism.

Structure of festival-contest:

Festival-contest is conducted annually (in May) and consists of the selective round (preliminary selection of the presented CDs), semifinal and finale.

Procedure of festival-contest:

  • competitive audition is conducted according to the age categories after the sortition;
  • sortition of the participants of the festival-contest is carried out an hour prior to the beginning;
  • the participants of semifinal perform two songs – one of them is obligatory in their native language;
  • after the audition of the participants of all age categories the jury determines the finalists;
  • the participants of the finale perform one song, after the finale the jury determines the winners in every age category and the possessor of Grand prix;
  • evaluating the performance the jury gives preference to the songs specially written for the given participant;
  • the jury of the festival-contest consists of the professionals of vocal art (teachers of vocal, popular song performers, composers, workers of culture);
  • the number of the members of the jury is determined by the organizers of the festival-contest (but not less than 7 members);
  • competitive performance is evaluated by the jury according to 10 points system, the main criteria of evaluation are:
    • vocal skills and abilities of the participants, vocal school;
    • appearance that can help the audience to accept and understand the song, appropriate dance performance, costumes which underline the meaning of the song;
    • musical basement melody, intonation, text.
  • the decision of the jury is considered to be definite and can’t be discussed;
  • the jury have the right to increase the number of the prizes or not to award some prizes;
  • awarding of all the winners takes place during the gala concert;
  • the quantitative and qualitative group of the participants of the gala concert is determined by the organizational Committee;
  • prize-winners and Laureates of the II-d and III-d prizes of the previous festivals-contests have the right to take part in subsequent festivals-competitions on general conditions, Laureates of the I-st prizes of the festival-contest – only in case if they passed to the next age category, the possessors of Grand prix take part in subsequent festival-contests as guests on invitation of organizational Committee.

Terms for participants:

  • performers both from Ukraine and other countries aged from 6 to 23 year can take part in a festival-contest. They can sing solo, in duet, trio or quartet;
  • the organizational committee of festival-contest determines four age categories for participants:
    • 1 category from 6 to 9 years inclusive;
    • 2 category from 10 to 12 years inclusive;
    • 3 category from 13 to 15 years inclusive;
    • 4 category from 16 to 23 year inclusive;
    • and 2 age categories for duets and trios:

    • 1 category from 10 to 14 years inclusive;
    • 2 category from 15 to 23 years inclusive.
    • for the participation in a festival-contest it is necessary to send (up to March, 30) in the address of organizational Committee of festival: questionnaire-request, copy of the birth-certificate, digital colour photo, demonstration phonograms ( +1 ) of songs, which will be performed in a festival-contest on e-mail : cryst.ter17@gmail.com(jpg):
    • after the preliminary audition of the received phonograms organizational Committee of the festival determines the participants of festival-contest and sends invitation up to the 10th of April;
    • the vocalists-participants of festival-contest sing songs to the accompaniment of musical instruments or a phonogram (-1 ) MD or CD;
    • the organizers of the festival-contest «Crystal Lark» have the right:
      • to translate the performances of the participants which were presented during the festival-contest by means of mass media;
      • to record and spread the CDs, audio and video-materials of the concerts which were held during the festival-contest only for advertisement.
    • Giving of the official application means that the participants accept all conditions of the festival-contest and agree with all the demands.
    • after the receiving of the written invitation from organizational Committee about participation in a festival-contest every participant must transfer the personal fee in sum of 45$. The participants of duets, trios and quartets must pay for each participant. If they also take part as single singers, they should pay additional 5$. It’s possible to pay the fee during the registration. If money is transferred, it’s obligitary to mention the name and surname of the participant in the transferring form;
    • organization of residence, feed, reception and departure of participants and the entourage is entrusted to the organizational Committee:
      • a double-birth room costs -12$ a day;
      • breakfsast, dinner and supper costs -12$ a day.
    • payment for travel, feed, residence of participants and the entourage at the expense of the sending side;
    • children-orphans participating in the festival-contest are out of payment of affiliation fees.
    • the set of following awards is defined for the winners of festival-contest: diploma of Grand prix, diplomas of Laureates of the first, second and third prizes in four age categories, diplomas in different nominations, diplomas of participants of festival-contest, valuable presents.
    • the organizational Committee confirmed the following prizes and diplomas:
      • «For love to folk song»
      • «For loyalty to national traditions»
      • «For bright artistic image»
      • «For willingness to victory»
      • «Future of the festival»
      • «Debut of the festival»
      • «Prize of the audience’s sympathy»
      • «Prize of the Ternopil Mayor»
      • «Hit of the festival»
    • Organizations, sponsors can determine their own prizes and award the participants after the agreement with the organizers of the festival-contest.
  • If the age of the participants of the duets, trios or quartets is different then the age of the older participant determines the age category.

    Terms of stay:

    Awards of festival-contest:

    The Director of the Festival-contest:
    Mykhanchuk Sergey
    Phone/Fax (+380) 352-53-31-15,
    Tel Home (+380) 352-53-13-79
    mob (+380) 050-588-49-07, (+380) 097-720-97-84

    Address of the Festival
    Palace of Culture «Berezil’» after Les’ Kurbas,
    Mury Street 6, Ternopil, 46018, Ukraine.
    e-mail: cryst.ter17@gmail.com

Про конкурс

Директор фестивалю-конкурсу:
Миханчук Сергій Степанович

Адреса фестивалю:
Дирекція фестивалю,
Палац культури "Березіль", вул. Миру, 6,
м. Тернопіль, 46018
тел./факс (+380-352)513113, 512874, 513047,
дом.тел. (+380-352)531379
моб. тел. (+380)0505884907, (+380)0977209784
e-mail : cryst.ter@mail.ru